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We also offer janitorial services that will leave you with a peace of mind so you can do what you do best.

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Our affordable low prices and all-season sale, discounts, and promotions (call us to know more about monthly deals and coupons), would ensure you never think about getting maid cleaning service or even do-it-yourself’ (DIY) cleaning. It is not just worth your time, when we can take care of your cleaning needs the same day or even in just 1 hour!

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Hygienic And Infection-free Environment

We are helping small and big businesses maintain a safe, hygienic and infectionfree environment for their employees and visitors.

Our team is experienced to handle carpet cleaning for corporate functions and have handled successfully cleaning of red carpets and orange carpets as well.

office cleaning service
office cleaning service

Commercial Services We Offer

Crucial Steps for Restoration

Our flood damage restoration service follows a very strict process. This is absolutely necessary if we are to assure our customers that their homes or businesses are safe to be occupied again. Each of these steps is crucial. The steps include:

1. Inspection and Assessment

The first step once we are at your home is to inspect the extent of the damage. Before we start any house water damage repair, we must know what we are up against. This step helps us to determine which methods we are going to use to clean your home. It also determines the tools that are to be used in the process.

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2. Categorize and Classify

The second step is to categorize and classify. Water is categorized into three: clean, grey and unsanitary water. These categories help to identify the water that has led to damage. Clean water comes from broken pipes and faucets. On the other hand, grey water is that which has been used. A good example is a soapy water from dishwashers. Finally, unsanitary water comes from sewage, leaking toilets with feces and floods to name a few.

Before administering any emergency water damage service, we also have to classify the water damage. This is done with reference to four classes: a slow rate of evaporation, fast rate of evaporation, the fastest rate of evaporation and specialty drying services. These classes are determined by the type of material that the water is in contact with.

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3. Extraction and Dehumidifying

This step is straightforward. We remove water from carpet, other surfaces and your home in general. We also remove all the items that have been damaged beyond repair. After this, we dehumidify the premises to ensure that you are free of any remedial moisture.

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