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This is where you need the services of a professional, certified and insured cleaning professionals

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Maintain the beauty of your Oriental with recommended regular cleaning. We offer expert cleaning of all types of rugs. We are a local cleaner in the Bolingbrook area, so we offer free pick-up and delivery , or we can clean them in your home.

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We are your local family-owned company. Go to for any of upholstery steaming, shampooing, chem-dry, mat/carpet cleaning, and rug doctor rental services. You cannot find service like ours!

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Healthier And Safer Home Environment

Just like your carpets and upholstery, your door mats  trap dirt, dust, and allergens. Regular cleaning will remove this debris and give you and your family a healthier and safer home environment.

With more homeowners opting for hardwood floors, area rugs are becoming popular. Homeowners may inadvertently discolor, tear, or damage the fabric

Specialized Cleaning Technologies

This is where you need the services of a professional, certified and insured cleaning professionals.

Our specialized cleaning technologies allow us to delicately but thoroughly, deep clean each area of carpet. Our standard operating procedures are safe and appropriate even for antique or heirloom pieces. Our cleaning takes extra care to ensure the cleaned surface or baby and children safe. We follow a carefully developed process which will safely remove dust, dirt, allergens, and stains. We also offer repairs (if needed) as an additional part of our renewal service.

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furniture, upholstery, tile and grout, and sandless wood floor cleanings

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

According to, the average cost to clean your area rug ranges between $50 and $350 or $200 on average for a typical rug between 4 by 8 and 6 by 10 feet. Rug cleaning prices per square foot are between $1.25 and $8.

At Pristine Carpet Cleaning Bolingbrook IL, we have our own proprietary method of cleaning rugs. However, most cleaners would employ the following mechanism:

  1. Remove loose dirt with a vacuum–

First, thoroughly vacuum the area rug on both sides.

  1. Test the cleaner on your rugfor colorfastness–

You have two options for cleaners:

  • You can follow the mixing instructions on a store-bought rug cleaner/shampoo (Bissell makes a good one, available on Amazon).
  • Or, you can add a couple of capfuls of mild liquid dish soap to a bucket of warm water. Do not use hot water, as it may shrink fibers or fade color.

Now, test your cleaner (store-bought or homemade) on an inconspicuous part of the rug, such as a small part on the very corner, to make sure that it doesn’t make the colors run. If it doesn’t, proceed to the next step.

  1. Work the cleaner into the rugand let it sit for several minutes.

Using a sponge or brush, scrub the shampoo or detergent deep into the rug until you’re seeing suds. Allow the solution to sit on the rug and work for several minutes before rinsing.

  1. Hose off the rug.

Thoroughly rinse the rug with a garden hose, making sure the water is clear of soap suds before you finish.

  1. Use a squeegee to remove excess water.

This tool, often used in cleaning windows, will do just the trick to squeeze excess water out of the rug. Press the squeegee’s rubber-edged blade firmly into the rug and pull to get out as much liquid as you can, being careful to work only in the direction of the rug’s nap.

  1. Allow both sides of the rug to dry out completely.

Lay the rug flat to dry. Once the top side is dry, flip it over so the bottom can dry as well.

  1. Vacuum or brush the rug to loosen compacted fibers.

Run a vacuum or a clean soft-bristled brush over your area rug to loosen up the fibers of the rug, as they may have compacted during the washing/drying process.

Cleaning is usually charged by the square foot, but the stain’s size and type can impact the cost. In general, the larger the stain, the more expensive to remove it. Also, pet stains typically cost more to remove because they sink deep into the carpet’s fibers and take longer to remove than food stains.

Being a local company we understand your pain, don’t forget to ask for special discounts, coupons or seasonal offers when you book our cleaning experts today!